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My Approach

Healing through connection

Every person is deserving of kindness, respect and self-worth. This is what I give to you by putting our relationship at the core of our work; as I join you in your world with warmth and honesty.  I believe that all people ultimately have the potential to find a way to be their happiest selves, but may be emotionally blocked, or stuck in their way of being. My aim is to allow you to voice your inner thoughts freely, explore options, and find a way to tolerate uncertainty by focusing on the present. I will be guided by you, as you are the expert on your world. By constructing a solid foundation of safety and trust, our work will blossom into a holistic approach that is tailored to your individual needs. I will always listen to your hopes and fears, with gentle curiosity and reflective empathy while supporting you to build resilience and find clarity. 

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