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Counselling Services in
Northam, Bideford, and Barnstaple

Healing Through Connection

Located in the heart of Northam, Bideford, I offer a range of counselling services tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, remote consultations via Zoom or telephone, or the unique "walk and talk" approach, I am here to support you.

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Why Choose My Counselling Services?

  • Flexible Options: Meet me at my home in Northam, or opt for a remote session. We can arrange a walk and talk session in Northam or Instow for those who appreciate the outdoors.

  • Home Visits: If you're housebound, I can come to you, ensuring you receive the support you need.

  • Free 30-minute Consultation: Before you commit, get to know me and understand how I can assist you.

Talking Therapy in Northam

Talking Therapy -  Babbling Brook Therapy North Devon

A Compassionate Approach

I have deep faith that, given supportive conditions for growth, you will be able to discover within you your pathway to a happier self. Whether you are struggling with relationships, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abandonment or a host of other issues; being heard is the first step to overcoming whatever is holding you back. By listening without judgement I will allow you to find your voice and discover the direction you need to travel in. I will travel with you without dictating which road to take. Your well-being is my focus, and as such I will support you to take small steps to open up difficult issues in a way which feels safe and is not overwhelming for you. If you are ready to stand up to your demons I am ready to anchor you to a safe space from which to explore.

Walk and Talk Counselling Services

Walk and Talk -  -  Babbling Brook Therapy North Devon

Finding Harmony in Nature

I have a deep belief in the healing power of the wild outdoors. The earth has a self-righting capacity to maintain integrated balance. We are all part of earth's system, with the capacity to tap into and harmonise with this balance. In nature, your body, brain and emotions can experience the present moment.

If you find tranquility in the wide open sweep of the beach, the wind in your hair, the sound of running water or being immersed in the peace of the woodland, this may be for you.

We will walk locally in Northam or Instow.

We can walk together at your pace, or simply sit and soak up nature.


  • Initial Consultation: Free 30-minute session with no obligation.

  • Standard Session:
    £50 per hour.

  • Walk & Talk Session: £55.

  • Payments are accepted via bank transfer or cash on the day of the session.


  • In-Person:
    Join me in my dedicated counselling room at home in Northam, Bideford.

  • Remote: Sessions are available via Zoom or telephone.

  • Walk and Talk: Explore the beauty of Northam or Instow.


Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations. Without notice, the full fee is applicable. Continued cancellations will result in suspension of services.


By mutual agreement via phone, text or email

Initial free no obligation

30 minute consultation

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