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Healing through Connection

You may not be able to put your finger on what is not quite right in your life.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I could work with you.

Therapy is more effective when settled on a foundation of safety

Image by Illiya Vjestica

Change and Living Loss

Change and Loss are unavoidable.


The smaller changes we seek out in life are often seen as adventures, but may turn into disruption and uncertainty.


The events we have no control over can leave us feeling powerless, shamed, dejected, isolated, directionless. As examples this could be retirement, divorce, a new baby, children leaving home, menopause or ill-health.


I can support you to explore your options and accept the things you can't change. To rediscover your own inner resources, gaining new and hopeful perspectives.


This empowers you to find happier ground and grow through adversity.


Depression & Despair

Do you feel as if there is no joy in your life? Nothing to look forward to? You are living life trapped inside a dark invisible bag?  You may feel as if you are just not enough? Medication deadens the pain, but doesn't always show you the way back to a happy, productive life.


I will work with you to regulate your nervous system, and harmonise mind-body-breath connection.

We will explore what is at the root of your issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

I will support you to explore ways to re-engage fully and mindfully with your life.

Together we will challenge life-limiting beliefs and the negative voices in your head.


Are you are ready to step into the light? 

Imagine taking control of the things you can change, 

getting back to your old self.


Chronic Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

 Do you feel removed from reality and uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you feel anxious, as if danger is always close by? Do you find it hard to trust people and maintain relationships?

Stress and trauma live in the body and are easily activated by everyday triggers. 


Often, talking is not enough, and can be too difficult.

Gently, using movement, touch and breathwork, you will get in touch with bodily sensations and emotions. You will slowly stretch your tolerance of uncomfortable feelings. You will learn ways to restore balance.

To maintain mind-body-breath wholeness.

You will feel safe and supported.


Imagine building the resilience to thrive, not just survive.

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