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Healing through connection


After a bereavement you may feel empty. Grief can trigger depression, anxiety, chronic stress or suicidal thoughts. Working through this with a therapist can prevent you getting stuck in grief.

Get in touch to see how I could help you through this difficult time.

Grief shows up in many ways

Numbness, sorrow, anger, regret, guilt, loneliness, denial, lack of reality, to mention a few.

Everybody's grief is unique and difficult.


The death may be recent, expected, historical. 

Or traumatic  and unexpected.


If you are are thinking, or being told

'Get over it and move on'

this is not how grief resolves.

Your grief, like your love, belongs to you.

cartography of grief

Courtesy of: Megan Devine



Bereavement Counselling North Devon

Grief is a process

A road you must travel.


Right now you may feel lost in a dark, tangled forest. I have helped many people find their road and travelled it with them successfully.


If you block your grieving, you block healing; it festers inside you and taints everything else in your life.

When grief lives inside you it interferes with love and living.

Time does not heal grief

There is no timeline for grief.


But taking however much time is needed, to express your pain and work through the grieving process, is healing.

Pain is the agent of change.


I will help you express and tolerate your pain safely to release trapped emotions.

Grief counselling North Devon

Every wedge of pain is a small step towards healing

Babbling Brook Therapy - Bereavement Counselling

The legacy of the deceased
ripples through time.
Exploring this idea can be comforting.

Engage with life and live again

Together we will find ways to create new connections to the deceased so you can integrate the loss into your life more comfortably.


Life will never be the same without them, but it can be good again.


When clients are ready, I have helped them discover their new normal, while learning the skills to thrive.

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